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A group of tech-savvy coworkers and I had a challenge that ended in an unlikely dream–building our own internet radio station from the comfort of our homes. My colleagues laughed off my idea as crazy until I decided to venture out on my own, only to find disappointment when searching for “How To Build Internet Radio Stations For Dummies” at Amazon. But against all odds (and inspired laughs), we made it happen! Creating something unprecedented was more than worth it – now anyone around the world can tune into our unique music mix with just one click!

After countless nights of battling technology and staying up until the wee hours, I had finally reached a breakthrough – I heard sweet success coming from my speakers! Exhausted yet elated at this triumph, it was time for me to call it quits. But when morning came around and no sounds resonated from my desk…my joy gave way to bitter disappointment. This only motivated me further; determined not be defeated by defeat itself!

After a three-week journey of finding the perfect radio station to call my own, I had successfully created a playlist – yet wasn’t quite satisfied. So began an intense week and half endeavor towards live streaming. Despite late nights spent troubleshooting Domain Name Resolution (DNS) issues, it all paid off one Saturday morning when Al called to tell me his device was picking up the stream! Elated by our success but uncertain about what’s next, this is only just beginning for us both…

Spread the word about our station and become part of a growing listener base! Make sure to visit Guest Book and leave us your thoughts – or shoot us an email if there’s too much to say. Don’t forget, we value each suggestion so give as many opinions as you can. And don’t just stop with yourself; inspire others by telling them why they should tune in!

A huge thank you is owed to Al, DJ, Greg and Dale – the chief of all geeks! Their help allowed for a successful launch of www.CoolandDeadlyreggae.com with plenty of bandwidth courtesy of Gabriel Technology Group so reggae fans everywhere could tune in and groove along.

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Our Team

Devon Farquharson

Saturday Night Shakedown with DJ Digital
Saturday , 8 pm to 12 midnight

Andrew Osbourne

Father Copper Showcase
Saturday, 10am to 8pm

Scott Lawrence

Root, Rock, Reggae Vibrations with DJ ILaw
Saturday, 6 am to 10 am